We are so grateful to all our teams for their hard work during the lockdown. This week, we are thanking The Office! Huge, huge thank you to everyone for keeping the cogs turning behind the scenes! 👏⚙️ Pictured we have: Mel our Marketing Coordinator, who’s done more than just pose with a sign; 💁‍♀️ and Annabel, our buyer, who’s become a dab hand at telesales, answering your click and collect calls as well as her day to day role! ☎️ We also have (L-R) Joanne, Linda, Rachael + Mel of our head office team who’ve all been working hard to keep everything flowing through the shops, and looking after our teams throughout this pandemic! ☺️💕 A massive thank you to the camera shy ones: Jane, Sarah, Mary (Thanks for keeping the CFH team fed with your baking!) and Sam who’ve also been keeping the systems running throughout lockdown from home and the office! 🙌 Jane and Sarah, you worked long hours over a few weeks to ensure the click and collect service got up and running – it’s really appreciated – You may have gotten away without a pic, but you’re not getting away without an honourable mention! 😉😆

30th May 2020

Instagram filter used: Normal

Photo taken at: Cranstons Butcher + Maker

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